Which Is The Best Electronic Cigarette UK?

If you’re wondering which is the best electronic cigarette UK, you should know that there are actually five brands that vie for the title. These are Simply e-liquid, Totally Wicked Ego-Slim, Liberty Flights Vision Ego, Totally Wicked Odyssey, and Innokin iTaste Express.


The top ratings were based on a survey done on regular smokers, social smokers and switchers, or from smoking cigarettes to vaporizing e-cigs. The factors considered in the testing included the so-called throat hit or that feeling you get when you inhale smoke, stylish form (or lack of it), ease of use and battery life.

Electronic cigarettes are becoming the in-thing in the UK with smokers or “capers” making their own communities online and organizing their own festivals. This makes you wonder: what makes e-cigarettes so interesting?

Well, aside from the fact that you can smoke all you want and not have to worry about the tar or the nicotine you’re ingesting (you can choose your nicotine level with e-cigs), ultimately, what makes them appealing is the price.

Maintaining a tobacco habit is expensive in the UK. Briton typically spend over 100GBP in tobacco cigarettes on a monthly basis. E-cigarette, however, won’t even set you back 40GBP when you buy a starter pack. The cartridges are even cheaper to buy. So, if you do the math, you can save 60GBP on your first when you use electronic cigarettes and save more money as months go by.

There are chain smokers, however, who switch to e-cigarettes with the firm belief that, while they’re not really good for your health, they’re not that bad either. But is it really the case?

Because of their nicotine content, these devices are never good for your health, however, they can be better than regular tobacco smokes. Why? As we said, they don’t have any tar. Also, you can choose your nicotine level to low or none at all. You need to know, however, that there are still no studies that conclusively comfirm how vaping or inhaling vaporized nicotine can affect your health, although you can pray it doesn’t have any efffect at all.

If you’re curious about how e-cigs differ from regular cigarettes in terms of taste, you need to try it for yourself and get yourself a starter kit.

While there are e-cig devices that look and feel like cigarettes, there are those that look like hookah pipes. You don’t need a match or a lighter to puff them. An e-cig has about three parts, a cartridge filled with liquid, a vaporization chamber as well as a battery pack. If you puff, the liquid in the cartrdige is transformed into vapor that you can inhale. When you’re done with the beginner pack, you can buy cartridges for refill.

Precisely because e-cigarettes have different flavors – from tobacco, menthol, fruits, cinnamon to vanilla – it’s almost like you have a smaller hookah in your pocket. And indeed, whatever flavours you will find in hookahs, you can also get it in electronic cigarettes.

There are numerous websites that offer e-cigarettes in the UK. As with anything else, before buying do some comparison shopping with at least three online store. Also, read the reviews by real vapers.

In all, e-cigarettes have advanced significantly. While in the past people thought of them as tacky alternatives to normal cigarettes (hard core tobacco cigarette tobacco users would be caught smoking them). Right now, they’re more exciting and they might just take the place of regular cigarettes. Again, if you’re excited about buying an e-cig starter kit, make sure you read the reviews by other users.