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Diploma Courses in Trinity College London Performance Arts


Course Awards Offered:

  • Grade 8 Trinity College London (TCL) (equivalent to A Level) in Musical Theatre, Performance Arts.

  • Level 4 ATCL Trinity College London Performance Arts Diploma

  • Level 6  LTCL Trinity College London Performance Arts Diploma

  • Level 4 ATCL TCL Teaching Diploma

  • Individualised timetables support unique paths                  

Course Cost: Individualised to course studied for example:
Grade 6 Acting/Performance Art
(GCSE equivalent) £1,075 Level 3
Grade 8 Acting/Performance Art/Communication (A Level equivalent) £1,850
ATCL PA £1,870.00
 (not incl. exam entry fee) Level 4
ATCL TA Teaching £2,040.00   (not incl. exam entry fee) Level 4
LTCL PA £3,456.00.  (not incl. exam entry fee) Level 6 University degree equivalent.
Fees are paid over the course of the academic year. Flexible payment plans.

Course Overview:

Your individual course will give you unique training and a pathway to long-term employment. The transferable skills offer many future directions alongside the teaching and performing industry. 


You will attend only for the hours of your course allowing you to fit in work and family commitments. You can train as intensely as you wish allowing you to complete your course, fulfilling the guided learning hours, over months or a year depending on your choice of attendance. Lessons are mostly private 1:1 supporting these high level qualifications. 

Private Singing lessons can be booked to develop musical theatre and singing performance skills you may wish to use in your diploma. These are invoiced as additional.


As adults you take responsibility for your learning, we will give you the knowledge and skills for your individual goals. This is a highly cost effective way of fulfilling your dreams. During a private consultation you can clarify the required hours, lessons and module content you will need to achieve your desired qualification. This is transparently costed, empowering you to control your own destiny. As an adult who has enjoyed drama in the past you may be wish for a career change, take the step and come and talk to us.

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A Trinity qualification can lead to a place at university, a new job or even a new life in another country.

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