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Individualised IDTA Teaching Diploma course

Course Awards Offered: 

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        IDTA Anatomy and Physiology (optional)​

  • Level 3 IDTA Intermediate (Theatre Craft,Tap,Ballet,Modern)

  • Level 3 IDTA Diploma in Dance Teaching (Assistant)

  • Level 4 IDTA Full Dance teaching diploma                                 Individualised timetables support unique paths.                Fit your teaching qualifications around your work and family

Course Cost: Individualised to your unique needs.

Course Overview:

Students are 18 years and over with a dance foundation, we have no upper age limit. Professional dancers wishing to take the teaching route are very welcome and can gain excellent qualifications for a long teaching career. Our rigorous training will give you the skills to be a teaching assistant with Level 3 and/or a fully registered IDTA qualified teacher with Level 4. 

We work with you on an individual basis to select and create your personalised programme dependent on your preferences and skills. 

As adults you take responsibility for your learning, we will give you the knowledge and skills for your individual goals. This is a highly cost effective way of fulfilling your dreams. During a private consultation you can clarify the required hours, lessons and module content you will need to achieve your desired qualification. This is transparently costed for you empowering you to control your own destiny. As an adult who use to dance you may wish for a career change,  take the step and come and talk to us.


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Level 3 Diploma in Dance Teaching Assistant is for learners to develop knowledge and understanding of syllabus requirements, safe dance practice and dance teaching so that they may assist in dance classes, usually helping to teach groups of students for a specified period under the supervision of a qualified dance teacher. The qualification does not confirm status as a dance teacher.
The qualification includes completing a workbook and observation logs and a practical examination.
Word document templates for the workbook and teaching observation logs can be downloaded. 
The tutor will not only support you to learn the syllabus and technical requirements for the genre but will also give you advice and help with safe dance practice and assisting in dance classes. 
The qualification is made up of three separate sections which are all assessed through a practical examination:
You will prepare a short workbook showing your knowledge of safe dance and observation of dance teaching. The workbook will be presented at the beginning of the examination to the examiner. You should bring an additional copy of the workbook with you that the examiner can take away at the end of the examination.
Technique and knowledge of syllabus requirements: For Theatre genre, you will be assessed on your knowledge and understanding of a range of syllabus requirements and elements plus knowledge and technique from three grades. Throughout the examination you will discuss syllabus elements with the examiner. You will be marked on your communication ability. 
The guided learning for this qualification is 130 hours and the Total Qualification Time is 270 hours.

Examination format for Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz and Theatre Craft

The examination is a total of 1 hour and 30 minutes. The Examiner will spend the first 15 minutes of the examination reviewing the workbook.

You should ensure you are wearing appropriate practice wear and footwear for the examination.
Official IDTA music should be used for set work, supplemented by other appropriate music where required.

All sections of the technique element must be passed in order to pass the examination as a whole. You will demonstrate knowledge and technique through the selection of three grades, one from

each section below, in your chosen genre:

  1. a)  Preparatory, Primary or Grade 1

  2. b)  Grade 2 or Grade 3

  3. c)  Grade 4 or Grade 5

    IDTA Level 4 Diploma in Dance Teaching is the first level of the Association's professional dance teaching qualifications and prepares the candidate to teach dance in their chosen genre. The qualification is divided into three units and unit 2 can be taken as a whole or in a modular format over a period of time. 
    The qualification is a practical examination conducted by an IDTA appointed Examiner. Candidates are required to produce a portfolio for Unit 1 and Teaching logs and evidence of lesson planning for Unit 3, for the IDTA Examiner to review in advance of the examination. In Unit 2, candidates will be asked to demonstrate and discuss with the Examiner all aspects of the syllabus. Technical aspects of the examination are from the Intermediate Performers Award. In unit 3 candidates are also required to teach a small class of pupils so the Examiner may observe their teaching skills and discuss with the Examiner their teaching logs, lesson plans and continuing professional development. There may be a recognition of previous learning and experience that may allow some parts of the qualification to be missed due to evidence of your standards.

    Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz and Theatre Craft are the "core-subject" genres which form the IDTA's Theatre Branch. Candidates who successfully pass the Level 4 Diploma in Dance Teaching qualification are invited to be members of the IDTA, on payment of an annual subscription. Members holding this qualificaiton may enter candidates for examinaitions in the Theatre Branch dance genres and are termed "full members" which entitles them to vote at the Annual General Meeting.
    The guided learning for this qualification is 80 hours, this will vary depending on your experience and knowledge.

At the core of our programme is a focus on individuality as we embrace diversity and inclusivity. We offer a unique learning timetable embracing your passion and long-term employability. Teaching qualifications offered in Theatre Craft, Ballet, Modern and Tap.

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