1 Year Foundation Course in Performing Arts

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Course Awards Offered:

  • Level 2 & Level 3 RAD Ballet Discovering Repertoire

  • IDTA Anatomy and Physiology Diploma

  • Level 2 Advanced Safeguarding & First Aid

  • Level 3 IDTA Theatre Craft, Modern & Tap

  • Level 3 IDTA Diploma in Dance Teaching
      Tap, Modern, Ballet and Theatre Craft Options

  • Level 4 ATCL Trinity College London Performance Diploma

  • Level 4 ATCL Trinity College London Teaching Diploma

Course Cost: £6,000 per annum

Finance options are available; please enquire for further details. 

Course Overview:

Students on this course receive a rigorous and well-rounded training programme in the performing arts. Students attend weekly Ballet, PBT, Contemporary, Modern, Theatre Craft, Tap, Street, Jazz, Flexibility, Musical Theatre, Fitness, Cardio and Acting classes. Students study dance and drama practitioners, building a knowledge base in performing arts history and an understanding of the development of methodologies. The course programme builds and changes over each academic year, encompassing expert tuition across a vast range of industry and production skills, dance styles and acting techniques. 

We work with each student on an individual basis to select and create their own personalised foundation programme from the course awards on offer, dependent on their own preferences and ability. The course awards are taught through a mixture of small group classes, personal study and private tuition; every student receives an hour's dedicated one to one class with their tutor weekly. 


Wednesdays are 'Workshop Days'; visiting faculty and industry professionals hone our students' technique and teach new skills and/or dance styles, offering our students experience of professional choreography and technical requirements. We are proud of our highly qualified and varied faculty, enabling our students to forge important professional connections, gaining insight into the theatrical world. Students build knowledge of the world of performing arts as a performer, manager, technician and teacher for the theatre, television and film industries. 

Our workshops include regular theatre trips, aerial skills workshops, social media and digital skills training, vocal studies, exploration into puppetry, creative writing instruction, and training in camera work, special effects and more, all taught by field experts. If you are interested in the range of workshops and skills on offer at NIPA, take a look at our website's faculty page. 


Our curriculum ensures students are taught key employment skills; students are coached in audition technique, film and video work, voice-overs, green screen, CVs, show reels, digital and social media skills, funding and professional bodies such as Equity, employment contracts and even tax, insurance and accountancy. We teach our students how to take care of their physical and psychological health through fitness, nutrition and safe dance practices.

Students on the 1 year Foundation Course have many varied opportunities to perform, including a fortnight of primary school based pantomime performances, directed, performed and led by NIPA students, under our teachers' guidance, local Fringe Festival opportunities, and an end of year public-attended show.

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At the core of our programme is a focus on the individual; we personalise our course structure to adapt to our students' strengths, and we actively seek out and create opportunities for them to express their creativity. We offer our students a myriad of inspiring opportunities, so that they can find and choose their own path into the professional industry.